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Best Whatsapp Status: Quotes & Messages That Will Make You Smile


Best Whatsapp Status
Viral Status

Whatsapp Status is important for our daily life we share best whatsapp status and quotes in this article. know more about whatsapp status.

Chehre ki har muskan ban jaata hai koi.

Dil ki har dhadkan ban jaata hai koi.

Fir kaise jiye zindigi unke bina.

Jab zindegi jine ki wajah ban jata hai koi.

 चेहरे की हर मुस्कान बन जाता है कोई।

दिल की हर धड़कन बन जाता है कोई।

फिर कैसे जिये जिंदगी उनके बिना।

जब जिंदगी जिन की वजह बन जाता है कोई।

Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp Status, known as Text Status is a profile picture, which is seen in the media with text. In WhatsApp, Text Status appears with a small watermark showing the sender’s name and the timestamp of the status. WhatsApp is the most popular texting app and the app is very popular because of its easy-to-use interface and update feature that provides all the essential features for WhatsApp users. There are two types of Text Status, i.e. Basic and Advanced. Best Whatsapp Status Quotes & Messages That Will Make You Smile * Shareing of photos, videos, GIFs, memes, stickers are the most used for sharing our thought, emotions, lifestyle, philosophy and some useful tips that can help you on a daily basis. * Is there anyone can’t have too many friends?

Whatsapp status is used very often in everyday life, its a one stop where you can share funny, beautiful, real and witty messages and also your famous whatsapp status you shared with your friends. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application around the globe, it has more than 900 million users and it has become the most downloaded app in the AppStore within couple of months. Before sharing messages on WhatsApp, we first need to setup a profile. Whatsapp users can create groups, or when people add people to the group, they can set the status for that group and also the chat box appears if people respond to a member’s comments. You also need to create a group if you want to share your personal messages or photos with the members.

Quotes & Messages

Best WhatsApp Status Quotes Quotes for Whatsapp Status Make the best WhatsApp status quotes with your friends. share best WhatsApp status quotes. We have gathered best WhatsApp status quotes for your connection. Best Whatsapp Status Quotes Quotes for Whatsapp Status If you want to share your simple, light-hearted love quotes for Whatsapp status then it is very easy to share quotes. Make the best quotes and share them with your friends. Love will always be in this. you can share best Whatsapp status quotes for Whatsapp lovers. Best WhatsApp Status Quotes Quotes for Whatsapp Status This is the best way to get attention, and lets you make a big impression with the best quote for your short Whatsapp status or video.


As we know that WhatsApp is such a popular social networking application and because of it we use it at so many platforms. WhatsApp has become our social media companion because it is the best one among all the social networking apps that we use. WhatsApp has given an amazing service to its users and these days its users are demanding with more features from WhatsApp. Here we have given a very important collection of important whatsapp status that you can share on facebook, twitter or any other platform.

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